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solys orgonites



Resin Art & Healing Tool maker, I am an Orgone Energy Specialist. I make Orgonites to support the Energetic Grid of the collective consciousness. Following the steps of Wilhelm Reich studies.

SOLYS ORGONITES solyorgon myorgonites@gmail.com

Located at: Miami Beach, FL 33141


I love it!! I have them in my room next to my bed, other in my plans they help to regrow and anothe in my bag!!! I recommended 100% thank you Soly's Orgonites!!❤️🙏


For 4 years I have collected them and more than that I use them as work tools, to support me in my personal and work projections, I use them to activate the energy of my water, to sleep better in my room and to maintain positive energy in my area of ​​work with electronics, besides being a beautiful product


Great service, Any doubt about the orgonites and Soly will answer. Always ready to assist. They deliver anywhere in the world. Thank you!!!