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Vital E Bottle

The combination of the elements presents in VITAL E ~ Orgone Bottle can help to increase the water vibration transforming the quality of the water in ionized water. Increasing your vital energy.


The bottle has a handmade orgonite with a Lakhovsky MULTIWAVE OSCILLATOR (MWO) antenna MWO discs. This combination emits vibrations at a broad range. In other words when the orgonite is placed into the bottle it improves the taste and quality of the water.

VITAL E ~ Orgone Bottle is a borosilicate glass bottle with other materials that make the health technology possible:

  • Shungite. Shungite boosts your energy, heals, relieves stress, detoxifies and purifies body and mind, protects from harmful EMFs, increases physical and mental balance.

  • Black Tourmaline. It is a protective stone which repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attack. Black Tourmaline also aids in the removal of negative energies within a person or a space. Black Tourmaline will cleanse, purify, and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration.

  • Silicon dioxide. It is a master healer that can help in curing headaches. It can also relieve eye strain brought about by computer overuse. It’s a great vitality booster that can recharge and revitalize the body. Its healing energies can strengthen teeth and bones as well. Silicon can improve the memory of those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and other diseases that affect memory and other similar brain functions.

  • Lakhovsky MULTIWAVE OSCILLATOR (MWO) antenna. Was designed by Georges Lakhovsky in the early 30s of the 20th century. Mr. Lakhovsky discovered that every living cell has its own resonant frequency at which it oscillates. When the cell is damaged it loses its strength and oscillations get weaker or distorted. In order to restore the cells to a healthy state Mr. Lakhovsky with the help of Nikola Tesla developed the MWO. MWO antenna emit vibrations at a broad range. Thus, all frequencies of the cells in the human body are covered. MWO antenna with their harmonising effect provide various health benefits at almost no risk of side effects.

Following are some of the health problems VITAL E BOTTLE technology can help to overcome:

· Insomnia

· Nausea

· Chronic pain

· Migraines

· Chronic fatigue

· Depression

· Sciatica

• Do not use dishwasher
• Use with cover
• Wash with a bottle brush
• Do not put in the 

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