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The orgone blanket is a type of orgone accumulator, an instrument assembled and materially arranged in such a manner that life energy, present in the atmosphere of our planet, can be collected, accumulated and made usable for scientific, educational and medical purposes.


The orgone energy accumulator was invented by the research scientist and physician Wilhelm Reich, M.D. during 1940.

The existence of a specific kind of energy which directs and maintains life has been theoretically assumed for a long time by many natural philosophers and scientists. Wilhelm Reich succeeded in connecting known facts and in finding new facts which he coordinated with the known facts in such a manner that the existence of a specific life energy became concretely demonstrable, usable and measurable. Orgone Energy is the name given by Wilhelm Reich to this specific life energy.



Size: 23 in X 37 in

Orgone Blanket

Expected to ship fifteen days after ordered
  •  23 in X 37 in

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