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Orgonite with METATRON 


Meaning and Symbolism of Metatron’s Cube

  • Balance and Harmony – In sacred geometry, the symbol represents the balance of energy within the universe. If you look closely at the symbol, you’ll notice how all things are connected regardless of how seemingly small or insignificant they are—and pulling one string will affect everything. The circles are connected by lines which show the harmony of all things. It’s also said that the circles of Metatron’s cube symbolize the feminine, while the straight lines represent the masculine. Many use the symbol as an inspiration for personal transformation.
  • A Symbol of Creation – Metatron’s cube is said to represent all the geometric shapes found in nature. Ancient civilizations and the mystics regarded it as the map of creation. Nowadays, some scholars still believe that the symbol is the building block of everything in the universe, and even reveals the inner knowledge of the divine.
  • Protection – In some cultures, Metatron’s cube is used for guidance and protection. As a guardian of heavenly secrets and the highest of angels, Metatron’s is said to be capable of attracting positive forces and dispelling negative energies.

Metatron Orgonite


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