Orgonite is especially effective when it comes to harmonising and balancing water.

Many people use orgonite charging plates to revitalise their drinking water , and often the change in taste can be observed after only a few minutes of charging.  

Orgonite helps protect against the negative effects of fluoride and chlorine.

The Seed of Life is a symbol of blessing and protection passed through generations; it contains the secret of the seven days of the creation. It is a common ornament for fertility for women during pregnancy or trying to Conceive.

The hexagram reminds us of our place in the world, halfway between earth and sky, and at the epicenter of our own personal power. Hexagram Meaning:
• Two interlocking triangles represent masculine and feminine, earth and sky, interlocking in perfect harmony.
• As above, so below.
• Symbolizes humans’ position between earth and the cosmos.
• Overlapping hexagrams results in numerous intersecting points that resonate higher energies than simpler shapes.

Geode Coaster