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Chakras Orgonites Set include:


✅ 7 Orgonites +  Lakhovsky MWO Antennas (dome 1.7 " ø) made with:

Sahasrara- clear crystal quartz

Ajna- amethyst

Vishuddha- lapislazuli

Anahata- aventurine and bloodstone

Manipura- citrine

Svadhisthana- carnelian and red jasper

Muladhara- shungite


What is MWO?

MWO stands for Multi Wave Oscillator which was designed by Georges Lakhovsky in the early 30s of the 20th century. Mr. Lakhovsky discovered that every living cell has its own resonant frequency at which it oscillates. When the cell is damaged it loses its strength and oscillations get weaker or distorted. In order to restore the cells to a healthy state, Mr. Lakhovsky with the help of Nikola Tesla developed the MWO.

To understand how the MWO healing works, we first have to know how diseases form. Diseases start when energy levels in our body drop due to various disruptions or blockades.

MWO antennae increase life energy (also known as chi and bioenergy) flow into our body. MWO antennae emit vibrations at a broad range. Thus, all frequencies of the cells in the human body are covered.


7 Chakras Orgonites with Lakhovsky MWO Antenna

Expected to ship fifteen days after ordered.

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