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Orgone energy is a subtle vital force energy. It permeates out of every living organism and is everywhere around us. It has been named Orgone by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, but has been discovered and named by many different cultures throughout history. Other names are Chi, Ki, Prana, Ether, Zero-Point Energy, and Animal Magnetism. Orgone is a primordial life energy. Universally existent, all permeating and the origin of all motion. In living beings it is biological energy and universally it is the origin of galaxies and solar systems.

There are two kinds of Orgone Energy DOR (Deadly Orgone Energy) and POR (Positive Orgone Energy). POR is the original all permeating cosmic energy. DOR is accumulated through a process called entropy. Entropy is the breakdown of order, by extracting or burning something bringing it from a state of higher complexity to a state of lower complexity in terms liberating the energy by draining and using it like a battery. We live in an entropic world where all of our technology works by this principal. And the later result of an entropic world is a dead one, for example how mars is too earth. Disentropy is the principle of a self organising creative energy that sustains the everyday miracles of nature or in other words POR. Examples of disentropy is how a seed becomes a tree and how an ovum becomes a human. In today's world we live in a soup of deadly orgone energy due to pollution, wireless radiation, and eco destruction.

How Orgone Promotes Healing

Our bodies are incredibly complex machines. Professional medical science has understood approximately 10% functions of the entire body. However, one savior is that the body knows how to restore itself. In the mother's womb, the male and female cellular material associate and begin increasing in number. Also developing numerous internal organs.

The body comprises of countless millions of tissues. A small grouping of cellular material merge jointly to execute the body function as well as forming various organs. Further cells form the nervous system, skeletal system, digestive system, etc. But all the cells are similar.

When the tissues of our body endure a modification from the normal healthy cellular material, a disease establishes in the body. This indicates when the frequency of a small grouping cellular material changes from typically to ordinary. Typically the transformation takes place due to accidents, damages, strain, living an unhealthy lifestyle, inappropriate food habits, ageing, etc.

The cells which can be now irregular will recover by themselves, also, to accomplishing the state of normalcy together with the assist of satisfactory energy levels (Anti- entropic) with the same speed of vibration as a healthy and stabilized cell. The frequency measurable around Orgone is one within an anti-entropic field and as a result heals health issues such as Asthma, Arthritis, Depression, Sleeping disorders, Migraine, Chronic Tiredness Syndrome, Stress, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, Hyper Tension and much moreIn today's daily lifestyle we are frequently being surrounded and bombarded by destructive resonating frequencies from our electrical appliances and mobile cellphone towers.

Orgone energy converts this deadly frequency radiation into positive energy thus also being beneficial when added to one's surroundings.Orgonite devices have observed perfect positive changes in their moods and the temper of anyone coming into contact or being in the area of an orgonite piece.

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