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solys orgonites


Electromagnetic Fields radiation
Solys Orgonites Pyramid
SolysOrgonites Dome lakhovsky
Orgonite Charging plate


Orgonites technology allows the energy to collect, convert and then emit positive orgone energy.
Furthermore, it can to be used as a shield for electromagnetic radiation. Using the piezoelectric properties of quartz crystals.


Resin Art & Healing Tool maker, I am an Orgone Energy Specialist. I make Orgonites to support the Energetic Grid of the collective consciousness. Following the steps of Wilhelm Reich studies.


Located at:  Saint Paul, MN 55076

Review Orgonites Alexandra Cobo

I love it!! I have them in my room next to my bed, other in my plans they help to regrow and anothe in my bag!!! I recommended 100% thank you Soly's Orgonites!!❤️🙏

Review SolyOrgon by Juanita

For 4 years I have collected them and more than that I use them as work tools, to support me in my personal and work projections, I use them to activate the energy of my water, to sleep better in my room and to maintain positive energy in my area of ​​work with electronics, besides being a beautiful product

Review Orgonites by Maria Ines

Great service, Any doubt about the orgonites and Soly will answer. Always ready to assist. They deliver anywhere in the world. Thank you!!!

solys orgonites Orgonite Pendants
Crystals Plus Orgonites
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